1930s Front Doors

1930s front doorsIf you wish to make new door and remind your neighborhood of early English period of yesteryear, you can look for 1930s front doors for your house. Choosing the right door is getting a good entry to your house and it’s worth value.

The wooden doors usually made of solid oak wood with glass panels in top third door and a letter entry point in the middle are called 1930s front doors. They are generally not very broad and are tall and sleek and generally light color like grey or peach. Renovating an antique home sometimes requires combing salvage yards just to find a period door with the right size.

Imperial bricks were used to determine door size in the past, 28 bricks being the average height, before door sizes started to be standardized in the Fifties. Antique entry doors, originating in the 1830s to 1930s, eventually as early as the 1710s, are also used to add architectural detailing to austere contemporary homes, but they need customized frames to fit correctly, such as by using a door-fitting service.

1930s Front Doors Costs and Prices

Many factors influence the cost of 1930s front doors. If you really want a real one, it could be costly. But imitations are available in alternative woods. Use of glass and letter boxes again increases the cost. You can expect cost of just wood ranging from $1800 to $ 5000 in USA on an average. Add to it the cost of glass you have to pay up to $300 to $ 1200 on average. If you go for fiberglass or alternative cheaper woods your costs can come down fairly well.

1930s front doors ideasBenefits of 1930s Front Doors

Of course, number one is style! They give an aesthetic touch to your house and 1930s front doors also add the ole English “Victorian or Edward “type feel to your house. But if you cannot afford the price, you can just take the style and change the material from pure wood to fiberglass. Because the greatest disadvantage of using wooden doors is their maintenance. If you do not maintain them well, you will need a replacement within 10-12 years. Add to it, protection from guys playing football /baseball in the front and breaking your glass panels.

Where to find 1930s front doors?

Look for local furniture shops or you can also order them online through various websites who visit you with quotes as per your requirement.

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