Double Front Entry Doors

Double your security with double front entry doors. The type of front door can be a deciding factor in making value of a house. The more secure a house is, the more value it begets. Double front entry doors give your house a modest entrance and make it look elegant and big.

What are Double Front Entry Doors?

double front entry doorsGenerally, double front entry doors are considered secure as they have two doors which open in the central. You can close one of them and open the other only when necessary. You can make the outer frame of wood and fix glasses in the centre. You can make the double front entry doors completely out of wood and get carvings and designs done on the wood of your choice. You can select fibreglass as an option to the mahogany or oak wood.

Wood or Fiberglass Front Entry Doors?

If you like wood doors, as many people do, be prepared for some potential warranty double talk, and possibly installing an expensive overhang to protect your door against weather. Wood door manufacturers often require this step before fully honoring their warranty.

If you don’t want this hassle, consider a fiberglass model. Though you may have never owned or considered fiberglass, research shows it is superior to wood in most ways, including durability, weather resistance and long-term value, plus, fiberglass doors often come with a clearer, more comprehensive warranty

Cost of Double Front Entry Doors

It depends on which material you are using for the doors and the decorative work you want. With glass slides and a transom, it can cost $2000-$8000 for deluxe double front entry doors. If you purchase a steel door or wrought Iron Arch door, it can cost $ 4000 to $ 8000 for standard 8 feet doors.

Benefits of Double Front Entry Doors

double front entry doors stylesThe biggest advantage is that you get two doors- one active and the other inactive. You can use them as per your convenience and open only when necessary. They look beautiful as if they stand to welcome you broadly.

You can decorate them with creepers or garlands.But they are not good protection against winds and may make noise during heavy winds. You can make them stronger with reinforced screws or hinges which give a greater support.

Get double front entry doors installed through specialised door installers. You can also visit their sites, choose from the pictures shown and ask for quotes according to your requirements. Many USA homeowners have installed a 5-foot wide, double entry door system comprised of dual, 30-inch models. Besides facilitating easier furniture moving and wheelchair access, many feel the two-door, 5-foot (double 30″) configuration also provides a ‘classic’ look with more creative flair than the one-door-with-sidelights combo.

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