Edwardian Front Doors

antique edwardian front doorsEdwardian front doors creates a innovative look for your house. If your house resembles a house of the Edwardian period and you are thinking of replacing or installing new front door then choose Edwardian front doors. The look of your house might be hampered if you replace it with a new one. Edwardian houses were built on wider plots, so the front door was painted, large and paneled with Neo-Georgian and Art Nouveau glass. It was very popular back then to paint the Edwardian front doors in red or green color.

Edwardian doors dated prior to the Twenties back to the turn of the century enjoyed the development of larger homes at the time, with wider openings given decorative glass panels in art nouveau or Neo-Georgian, complete with sidelights and metal-faced stone steps. However, the employment of house maids started becoming obsolete so door furniture had self-cleaning black coating.

These were sparse compares to Victorian entry doors that took the old world by storm for almost a century, from 1830 to 1901, even though hallways and entryways were more constricted.

Edwardian Front Doors Designs

edwardian front doorsIn Edwardian front doors, glass panels have attractive designs on them. Patters were applied to clear glass by using either abrasive or acidic process. Sand-blasting makes a frosted look made by tiny scratches on the surface of the glass. If the surface is protected by inking-on or vinyl stencil design before the sand arrives. When the vinyl peeled back or the ink is wiped away, a permanent pattern appears, formed from alternating etched and clear areas. These types of patterns were very popular back then and now also homeowners go for this kind of pattern for Edwardian front doors.

If you want to have the same design of Edwardian doors but not willing to pay much, then you might sometime opt for wooden paint or stain that mimic the same design of an Edwardian front doors. These doors have a classic and elegant touch to it. They resemble of the Edwardian time and are also very attractive.

They are durable and are strong and can withstand harsh weather condition and temperature. These are not easily breakable and do not need to be repainted after a period of time. These kinds of door are mainly seen in UK, where it still hold the culture and heritage of its country.

Edwardian Front Doors Costs

You can always try the internet to search additional information on Edwardian front doors. Choose carefully while selecting your front door and keep in mind of the fact that does or does not it matches with the style and pattern of your house. The costing mainly depends upon the kind of brand that you are choosing. Always try to pick a standard quality of brand only if it provides warranty. Without warranty products are very likely to withstand the harsh usage of the front door.

The costing of these doors starts from around $156 and may cost $3,709 for higher brand products. Also, keep in mind of the security features of the door.

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