Metal Front Doors

Choose metal front doors for your new home! If windows are the eyes of the house, then doors are certainly the face because no matter whatever goes inside the house, it always has to smile.

What are Metal Front Doors?

metal front doorsIf you want your front doors to be made of metals like bronze, copper, wrought iron, then you are looking for metal front doors. Now a day’s better option than all these metals is using steel front doors.

A steel/metal door is usually built around a wood frame with steel being clad to the outside of the frame and polyurethane filling the core. Steel/metal provides maximum security due to superior strength. It can be painted any color, but must be kept sealed, especially if the steel surface is exposed to the elements lest rusting may occur.

Latest models have galvanized steel over a wooden frame which has greater insulation than wooden doors. You can get wood or other designs embossed on them and try to give them a traditional look to make your front appear attractive.

Cost of Metal Front Doors

If you go for pure copper or bronze doors, they can be expensive depending on the rates of the metal at that time. Transporting heavy metal front doors can be very expensive and cumbersome. Generally, these types of doors are used in large mansions or industries.

Standard entry doors are 36” and therefore depending upon your requirement, representatives from Furniture Company may customize the prices accordingly. Steel doors can vary from $800 to $ 2000 in America depending on location with fully painted and worked upon features. Wrought iron doors can be expensive and may range from $2000- $6000 USD. Steel is generally cheaper than fiberglass or wood. In normal conditions, steel doors would last for 12-15 years
metal front doors.

Benefits of Metal Front Doors

People buy steel doors for strength and safety. They have low maintenance, no cracking, within their budget, are good insulators and energy efficient. Disadvantages are that they can be easily dented; they do not have a very aesthetic look and can be hot to touch in summers and cool in winter. Steel/metal doors will dent easily. Where nicks in wood doors can easily be repaired and fiberglass doors offer dent resistance, steel does not afford either of those advantages. As steel/metal has no peer as a thermal conductor, doors with inadequate insulation will be less energy efficient. Identical to fiberglass doors, steel/metal doors cannot be custom sized on a job site.

architectural metal front doorsYou can get your doors done through specialized door installers. Steel doors can be ordered and you can also order them through various web sites dealing with metal front doors.

For better security, it is wise to choose a metal front door. These doors can’t be broken down as easily as wood material, making them great protection against intruders. For this reason, metal doors are ideal for vacation homes which are left vacant for long periods of time, along with homes in high-crime areas that require extra protection against crime.

The durability of metal doors also makes them a good choice. They can stand up to some of the most severe weather conditions, making them good for homes in areas that are prone to inclement weather conditions. Metal can help protect against hot and cold extremes. It also stands up well against humidity, making it long lasting for homes in areas of extreme heat.

While metal doors once used to be undesirable due to their cold and unattractive look, there are now many different options when it comes to the styles of metal doors. There are several different designs out there. Metal doors can even be styled to give the appearance of a wooden door, for those who want the perks of a metal door with the looks of a wooden door. Metal doors can be painted any color and even can be custom designed so the resident can achieve the exact look that they want for their front door.

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