Southern Front Doors

Make an entrance through Southern front doors. Home décor is never an easy task. You need to keep several things in mind. The task doubles when you have to plan everything, right from the lawn area to the backyard. All that you will choose will reflect your personality, plus these things will be permanent. Interiors can be adjusted but certain things like doors can’t. You need to make a proper decision so that nothing can go wrong. While you are going through options for the front door, try looking at Southern front doors.

Southern Front Doors Design

southern front doors You might wonder how doors can be of such importance that it requires a special attention. Well, on the contrary it does. Your guests will first notice your front doors. They will make an entrance your beautiful house through this door. The doors will separate your personal life with the world. It has a lot of significance in life, then why to ignore it.

Southern front doors can be a really good option if you are looking out for something beyond usual. These doors have arc at the top which makes it attractive. Unlike traditional doors, they can have two doors, giving it a royal look. In most of the palaces and castles, you can find such interior doors. Today, these doors are available in various designs, and colors. You can have them with either wood or with metal; depending upon your budget and requirement.
Plus, you can add glass to your Southern front doors to give them a more royal look.

When you will open your door for your guests, they will feel no less than a kings or queens who are being welcomed, happily. You have the right to customize your door with different colors. Colorful doors attract people quickly and they are certainly out of the league, which makes them more prominent. If you have a Southern Front Door then certainly you will have class. The craftsmanship and detail in producing these extravagant doors will leave guests in awe.

Southern Styles

If choosing a southern colonial-style door for your home, explore the wide variety of styles available. Here are some of the more traditional types:

Batten: These simpler yet impressive doors are often used as side doors and entrances into lesser-used areas. They are built to be sturdy and protective. Generally made by connecting vertical planks with horizontal boards, these doors are fairly inexpensive because of their simple design and are usually made of cheaper woods like pine.

Georgian-Colonial: This style usually indicates a paneled front door that is centered on the front of the home with columns on each side. These doors are usually expensive, extravagant and more difficult to install.

Richmond: This classic Southern-style door harkens back the colonial period of the South. They are very thick and are usually made from mahogany.

Greek Revival: These doors were very popular in the mid-1800s. They boast a full window across the top and usually have four panels, with two larger vertical panels on top and two smaller panels at the bottom.

Mahogany is a very popular kind of wood used in all of these doors, while pine is used for the less ornate and more functional versions. Any of these doors can be installed in a home to increase it aesthetic and market value.

Price for Southern Front Doors

styles for southern front doorsThese doors can be a bit costly but then they certainly deserve to be. They may start from $1000 USD and can go as per your requirement and customized designs. It is better to consult the designer before you invest on it. Some Southern styles doors can go for around $500 USD.

Southern style architecture includes timeless designs that have been popular among homeowners across the country for hundreds of years. For Southern homeowners, keeping traditional details can help retain value and add a bit of historic personality. The web provides numerous sources for finding these types of doors for your home.

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