Victorian Front Doors

Victorian front door gives a classic and elegant look to your house. During the Victorian era saw the industrial revolution which caused a housing boom. This era also developed a classic and elegant house designs. At this time the Victorian front doors became very popular and are now still used as the front entrance door of a house. Choosing the right front door for your Victorian house can sometimes be a difficult job.

Victorian Front Doors Quality

white victorian front doorsOriginal Victorian front doors are made of wood and were solid containing stained glass windows. Mainly beech or oak is used in making. These are found in different shapes and of different sizes. They vary in color and designs. The glass panels which are placed on these doors are well designed and are sometimes glass painted.

These type of doors are mainly seen in UK were every house has a touch of its history and style. While choosing a Victorian front door, be specific of the material that you are using to make the front door. This should be both durable and strong. These doors can withstand strong weather and temperature. Victorian style doors, as a result, have a vintage look about them. There is a vertical proportion to the house, and, therefore, the doors reflect this.

A classic style with mouldings and designs that match the distinctiveness of this style, these doors sometimes even reflect the woodwork and ornamentation seen in the house. The glass panels will sometimes have designs. The door handles and door knob especially are very distinctive features of this type of door, sometimes being partially made of glass.

Victorian Front Doors Design

If you want to have the same design as a Victorian front door or if you are not willing to pay for hard wood, there is an alternative. You can paint or even stain the door to mimic the color of a hard wood color. The most popular style is the six-paneled doors, which were very common in the Victorian period. This had 3 rows of 2 panels, instead of two rows of 3.

victorian front doorsYou might select this kind of design for your front door. Another option that you might choose is the four-panel style which was also very famous back in the Victorian times, for families that had money to build new ones instead of recycling the old ones.

If you want the same look as Victorian front doors but with more security then you might also opt for composite doors. These are also good looking doors that will probably last for 35 years without repainting. You can always search the web for additional information on Victorian front door and might also get discounts on deals. The costing entirely depends on the kind of brand that you are choosing. You should always choose a company that has warranty. If not then you should not opt for such brand as they are not trustworthy. Be specific to your choice and keep in mind of the fact that is it or is it not going with the design with your Victorian house.

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