External Composite Doors

Our External composite doors are a solid and secure choice for your home. External Composite doors will enhance your home’s design as well as providing energy efficiency and extra security. Our range will match your needs with our selection of styles and colours.

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Showing 1–16 of 28 results

Composite external doors are growing in popularity. They all have one thing in common: they are maintenance-free, so there is no need to paint or decorate throughout the year. Composite external doors are contemporary looking, providing a modern feel to your home’s design.

What Composite External Doors to Buy

Which style of composite door you go for depends on your personal preference, usage and décor. Our composite doors are supplied complete with a flawless finish and are crafted identically so they will match. You can spruce up your front door today with a contemporary, modern style!

Mainly, composite external doors can act as a modern showpiece for your home, complementing an already modern design. They provide an airier feel to your home and increase the space. Enjoy the functional advantages such as resilience and the ability to help confine warmth within your house.

Part L Doors

We offer part L options. Each door has a Part L certificate to comply with building regulations. Many people are looking to save on their energy bills, benefitting the environment too. They are constructed with additional insulating materials built into their core.


We recommend that a qualified joiner should install your door. Four hinges are recommended for external doors and suitable solid locking mechanisms as well. The door should be hung in a sound fitting, hardwood, outer grade frame. Your external door becomes exposed to UV rays and the weather from the moment it is hung. Good quality, weatherproof paint or treatments are always recommended for all external doors to make sure that they stand through typical British weather.