External Hardwood Doors

External Hardwood doors are repellent to general wear and tear, and they are also bulkier than other doors, making them an excellent choice to be installed as your front door on your home. They are robust, secure and available in various different styles.

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We have all the right styles to suit any home – if you would like to add additional light into your home, browse our hardwood doors with glass. Explore our range of External Doors today, and you will find the right style and colour to suit your requirements.

Looking for the right External door for your home can be a tedious task. If you want to add a little charm, you should opt for External Hardwood Doors. We have unfinished versions, which give them a vibrant and warm glow that will complement any style of home. When opting for an unfinished door, it allows you to create the right look for you, with the varnish or colour of paint of your choice.

Choosing Hardwood External Doors

Hardwood external doors offer safety and security for you and your family. Available with a solid core, making them a sturdy choice that will last a lifetime. Many of them come FD30 rated, providing extra fire safety for your home.

Part L Doors

We offer part L options. Each door has a Part L certificate to comply with building regulations. Many people are looking to save on their energy bills, benefitting the environment too. They are constructed with additional insulating materials built into their core.


We recommend that a qualified joiner should install your door. Four hinges are recommended for external doors and suitable solid locking mechanisms as well. The door should be hung in a sound fitting, hardwood, outer grade frame. Your external door becomes exposed to UV rays and the weather from the moment it is hung. Good quality, weatherproof paint or treatments are always recommended for all external doors to make sure that they stand through typical British weather.